When people go to their grandmother’s house, they take for granted that it’s still there. Paul Willis grew up in a neighborhood that is now gentrified. Those childhood memories of people, places, and moments are forever captured in the music. "When folks who didn’t grow up here think about us, if they think about us, they are quick to point out the things they think we lack or things they think are challenges. They don’t see our homes and neighborhoods through our lens," says Willis. He continues, "due to the pandemic, the importance of home has been magnified as we all spend more time there. We want every child, regardless of neighborhood to know that their home holds beauty and value."

Every neighborhood is a wonderland through the eyes of a child. Our project buildings are castles, and our sidewalks are yellow brick roads that lead to adventure. We are heroes, villains, sidekicks and love interests. We are fully developed characters with hopes and dreams of our own. We shape our storylines through our resilience and creative brilliance. And despite the constant change and the inevitable end of the chapter, our imagination spills ink on blank pages. This project uses art to create a conversation about home through digital storytelling, music and community engagement.

SCREENING & live panel conversation

monday 3/1 6-8pm

Join Black Artists Fund for a screening of the film Wonderland and a conversation about the role of Black Art during a pandemic.

Panelists include:

visual artist and muralist Aliyah Sidqe,

hip hop artist and DEI consultant Paul Willis,

Sacramento Bee Equity Lab Editor Keiona Williamson,

and SCUSD School Board member Chinua Rhodes.

Moderated by Black Artists Fund Director Faith McKinnie and Black Artists Fund Board member Maya Wallace

Special thanks to The Guild Theater in Oak Park

For more information about how to support and fund the artists and panelists:

Aliyah Sidqe: 
Paul Willis: www.paulwillisishiphop.bandcamp.com
Equity Lab: www.sacbee.com/news/equity-lab
Chinua Rhodes: www.chinuarhodes.org
Studio T Dance Academy: www.studiotdance.com

Aliyah Sidqe's Mural Location:
Washington Elementary School
520 18th St, Sacramento, CA 95811